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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The movies visit CCF

Greetings from Namibia,
Yes, there really was a large film crew at CCF last week.  The crew of about fifteen rolled into the Babson House driveway six vehicles strong on Monday afternoon.  A complete crew with actor and actress were among the newest guests to visit CCF.  The 15-member crew was very international with about five countries represented.  Lucky me, I got to work and got to know most of them.  Laurie asked me to assist with some of the logistics at the locations they were shooting.  The producer and director were quite active calling all the shots.  They captured a lot of footage shooting three cheetah runs and many, many feedings from the back of "their" filming trucks.  Also, twice they shot footage from a balloon over "Little Serengeti" and at the Stars play tree.  Sarya stole the show as she rose higher in the tree than ever.  Phoenix was hell-bent on eating one of the pre-set cameras high in the tree until quickly removed.  In all several staff got involved lending support to the overall effort.
The production will be titled:  African Safari 3-D.  It will be a full-length documentary and could be released at a theatre near you as early as August 2012.  Basically, it is a journey across Southern Africa, beginning on Namibia's Atlantic coast and ending near or at Mount Kilimanjaro.  The two actors will narrate the adventure.  Many wildlife creatures will be featured.  We hope plenty of awareness about the cheetah and it's plight will be mentioned when the cheetah is featured.  My understanding is that the film will be either a Warner Bros. or Universal film.
Until next, this is
Ron Marks
from Cheetah Land