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Sunday, June 19, 2011

The captive cheetah's health

During the previous week a number of our cheetahs at CCF have been observed ailing from undetermined causes.   Our cheetah keeper, Juliette reported to the director and veterinarian personnel immediately upon discovery that certain issues have occurred, requiring timely medical attention and daily observation.  At this time no cheetah appears to be at serious risk.  However, with the administration of normal medical protocol, each cheetah appears to be responding to medication.  Initial diagnosis suggests that an unknown virus might be affecting four cheetah and possible insect or snake bites are affecting two other cheetahs.  Coughing by the cheetahs having a possible virus and swelling by the cheetahs suspected of insect or snake bites are the readily noticeable symptoms.  Twice daily observation of these six cheetahs has been the order of the day since detection of the initial symptoms.
Last week I reported on the many and varied cheetah keeper responsibilities.  Providing constant vigilance on these cheetahs is a primary duty of the cheetah keeper.  Presently, Dr Marker, Juliette and veterinarian staff are keeping a constant eye on these cheetahs.  There are thus far no indications of a potential epidemic.  However, CCF is preparing to handle such a situation if it does become such.  Because these two situations continue to be of concern, and since symptoms have not yet subsided, I will report next week on the prognosis and health of these cheetahs.
Until next, this is
Ron Marks
from Cheetah Land

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