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Monday, June 27, 2011

A Good Week at CCF

Greetings to all from Namibia,
Last week I reported on a couple of health issues with six of our cheetahs.  I am happy to report to you that most of the visible symptoms earlier detected have subsided.  Also, the health of each cheetah has greatly improved as the current prognosis is excellent.  The rapid response of our cheetah professionals assured these cheetahs immediate and appropriate care.  Based on their symptoms, the subsequent  appropriate medical protocol, and especially the ever-vigilant effort of our cheetah keeper, each of these magnificent predators are expected to make full recoveries.  Accordingly, the two having suspected 'bee' stings have already recovered fully.
Today a large film crew arrived at CCF.  The crew will spend the next few days filming our cheetahs in their natural habitat and during their 'cheetah lure' activity.  The crew is made up of individuals, some of who have participated on the production of I-Max films.  Also, many of them possess extensive 3-D experience.  Their two-person balloon, which sailed over Center Field ((Little Serengeti as many of you know it) this afternoon, reads "African Safari 3-D."  I will report next week on their total experience during their filming here at CCF and especially their purpose and how their film footage will be used to further the survival of the cheetah.  
Until next, this is
Ron Marks
from Cheetah Land

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  1. That's great news, Dad! Very exciting to hear about the film crew. I'll be looking to hear more about what they are shooting for.

    Thinking of you every day!

    Mel and family :)