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Sunday, May 22, 2011

An Eventful Week at CCF-Namibia

There were three significant cheetah events which occurred this week.  Specifically, CCF rescued three new cheetah cubs and then a large male cheetah whose life was threatened by a wary farmer.  His eventual release also took place.
CCF was called by a farmer who claimed he had no choice but to shoot a female cheetah that allegedly killed a goat from his farm.  If this was the case, then naturally the mother was using the 'kill' to feed her four cubs.  Unfortunately, one cub was killed also.  After their arrival at CCF, the three cubs were thoroughly examined and placed in a quarantine pen which was prepared for them.  Estimates place the male and two female cubs at approximately 6-9 months.  I'll provide updates on their condition and plans for their future in subsequent postings.  Stay tuned.  
The male cheetah brought to CCF should turn out to be a 'win' situation.  CCF was called again by a farmer who said a cheetah had been stalking her livestock.  In no uncertain terms, she vehemently requested his removal from the vicinity of her farm 'for his own safety.'  CCF responded and brought the male cheetah to CCF.  He was thoroughly examined and kept a couple of days.  In the interim a decision was made to release the big cat.  He weighed in at 49kg upon arrival.  Accordingly, we took him to the big field beyond CCF and released him Saturday morning.  The spot of his release is far from any farms.  It is our hope that he will resume a normal life in the wild.  At the time of his capture, the farmer did not report sighting other cheetahs.  Thusly, it is probable that this male was not a member of a coalition and was doing fine living alone.  We are hopeful that releasing him in this new environment will enhance his chances for continued survival.
CCF staff encouraged both farmers that upon future cheetah sightings to please try to contact us first before taking drastic actions.

Until next, this is
Ron Marks
from Cheetah Land.

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  1. Thank you for the information! I'll post it in Italian for the fans in Italy!
    Betty, Milan