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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Maintaining CCF-Namibia

Over the past two weeks a number of interns have departed and a few more will leave us over the next couple of weeks.  Several more and the next EarthWatch groups will join us over the next three weeks.  Therefore, until more student-interns and volunteers report to CCF,  we will devote more time and effort catching  up with general maintenance, fence-mending, beautification of the grounds, and so forth.  Of course, the few interns and students remaining will be solicited for their assistance in performing these tasks.  
One of the newest ventures for CCF is the potential grooming of four young cubs to become ambassadors much like their dynamic predecessor, Chewbaaka.  Everyone who has ever been to CCF-Namibia or has been involved with CCF, know all to well the legacy Chewbaaka leaves behind.  It is hopeful that with the proper training and nurturing, one or more of the four 10-month old cubs could become Cheebaaka's successor.  I'll keep you posted on the progress of this exciting adventure.
With this I will sign off for now.  They'll be an early start tomorrow as we begin to transfer some of our female cheetahs from Bellebeno to the Elands pens at HQ.
From Cheetah Land,
Ron Marks  

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  1. Why are the Bellebeno girls being moved to HQ? Herding cats ... Ha Ha Ha.